UK Tax Forms: IHT100, IHT200, IHT500, C1, C5  
 Major UK Tax Forms: IHT100, IHT200, IHT500, C1, C5

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Inheritance tax forms

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The Summary of Major UK Tax Forms
IHT200, IHT100, IHT500


IHT100, IHT200, IHT500, C1, C5

Inheritance Tax

Inheritance tax is a tax which is due on your estate after your death. Your estate is: everything owned in your name; the share of anything owned jointly; gifts from which you keep back some benefit (eg: a house still lived in), although given to someone else; assets held in trust from which you get some personal benefit.

Main forms:
Inheritance tax forms for excepted estates
Inheritance tax return form IHT200, supplementary pages and notes
Inventory form C1, form C5 and notes (Scotland only)
Inheritance tax account for a lifetime chargeable event - IHT100 and notes
Election for Inheritance tax to apply to asset previously owned, IHT500 and notes

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