UK Tax Forms: IR76, IR2, IR3, PP43, PP10  
 Major UK Tax Forms: IR76, IR2, IR3, PP43, PP10

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Pensions tax forms

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The Summary of Major UK Tax Forms
PP10, PP43, IR76, IR2, IR3


IR76, IR2, IR3, PP43, PP10


Pension schemes are split up by a number of aspects. The tax approval legislation makes the first distinction, into: 'Occupational Pension Schemes', which include the bulk of long standing company sponsored schemes, and 'Personal Pension Schemes', which include Stakeholder Pensions.

Main forms:

IR76 Personal Pension Schemes
IR2 Occupational Pension Schemes
IR3 Personal Pension Schemes
PP43 (CB) Election to carry back contributions
PP10 Personal Pension/AVC Schemes Interim Claim form

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